The Corrs

The Corrs, three stunning girls, one boy, a typical girl/boy band, only not quite, these guys have talent.

The Corrs are brother and sisters: Jim Corr (guitar, keyboards, piano, backing vocals), Sharon Corr (violin, backing vocals, lead vocals, keyboard), Caroline Corr (drums, percussion, bodhran, piano, backing vocals, lead vocals) and Andrea Corr (lead vocals, tin whistle, backing vocals).

The Corrs come from a musical family, their parents, Gerry and Jean Corr, were also musicians.

What differentiates The Corrs from the rest of their generation, is that they have talent, sadly they seem to be determined to throw it all away, as with each successive album, they become more and more like any other mediocre pop group.

Albums to date: Forgiven, Not Forgotten (1995), Talk On Corners (1998), The Corrs Unplugged (1999), In Blue (2000), Borrowed Heaven (2004).

The first three albums are worth having, after that, they rapidly went downhill. Their last album, Borrowed Heaven, is particularly bad. As pop music, it is good, but not up to the standard we have come to expect from The Corrs.

Memorable tracks include the Jimi Hendrix number 'Little Wing' and the Fleetwood Mac classic 'Dreams'.

The Corrs are a mix of traditional Irish, folk, and what could be called Celtic rock/pop.

An absolute must is the DVD Live in London, a concert recorded at Wembley. An electrifying performance. Compare this concert with the rubbish they are now churning out and one is left wondering, what went wrong.

Other DVDs include: Live At Lansdowne Road, Unplugged, Live At The Royal Albert Hall, Best Of The Corrs.

If Live in London is a 'must have', Live At Lansdowne Road is even more of a 'must have'. Landsdowne Road is a homecoming for The Corrs, appearing before the Hard Corr fans. Grittier than Live in London, the visual quality is not as good. More Irish rock than Celtic folk, with shades of Fleetwood Mac, even hints of Jefferson Airplane.

The Corrs were always popular in their native Ireland, and never really took off anywhere else, not even after the release off their second album, not that is until they released a cover version of the Fleetwood Mac classic 'Dreams'. After that 'everything kind of went wild'.

Above all, The Corrs are a live act.

The Corrs are one of a long line of successful musicians coming out of Ireland - Van Morrison, Enya, Clannad, U2 - part of a successful folk/rock transition.

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