Jane Bom-Bane

I was down in Brighton for Seedy Sunday. Later, I had planned on going to a Brazilian restaurant, but my friend Christina who I met up with had better ideas, and took me instead to Bom-Bane's, a little restaurant on the edge of Kemptown, just up from Brighton Pier. The food was excellent, as was the atmosphere.

It was at Bom-Bane's that I met Jane Bom-Bane. We started chatting about her excellent food, and the conversation turned to music, and I left with Round-a-way Wrong Songs by Jane Bom-Bane and Afterplanesman by Nick Pynn.

A couple of nights later I was talking to my lovely friend Louise, and she asked me how I would catergorise this music, and herein lies a problem, I haven't a clue.

I had listened to Round-a-way Wrong Songs the night before. At first I did not like it, but it grows on you. It is certainly different and you definitely have to be in the mood. But I found I liked it. I more than liked it, she is brilliant!

Funky harmonium is one description. Quirky. A feel of English folk music, but at times a distinctly French feel, with a hint of jazz. Or is it simply poetry set to music?.

Jane Bom-Bane has a very powerful voice.

Jane Bom-Bane was awarded 'Spirit of the Fringe 2005' at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Jane Bom-Bane and Nick Pynn can be found performing at Bom-Bane's in Brighton, from where you can also purchase their albums.

Music ~ Nick Pynn
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