Liam and Dylan

Liam and Dylan performing on Car Free Day Brighton It was Car Free Day in Brighton. I was wandering through the car-free streets on my way down to the seafront when I came across Liam and Dylan setting up a pitch on one of the car free streets. I stopped to hear what they were like.

They were good, incredibly good, very professional. Their own compositions, plus a rendition of the Bob Dylan classic 'Knocking on Heaven's Door'.

The only time I have heard a better version of 'Knocking on Heaven's Door', apart from by Dylan himself, was several years ago, a peace concert in Nicosia, a Greek and Turkish singer.

An hour or so later I came back up from the seafront and found quite a crowd had gathered.

My only regret, that I did not have more time to stay and listen to their performance. Nor did I pick up a copy of their CD.

Liam Wheen and Dylan Cooper met at a music workshop, Herbie Flowers Rockshop workshop, summer 2008. They have been playing the streets of Brighton, including Fringe Festival, as a place to practice and to earn some money. They opened the 'Best Of Brighton' at the Komedia in front of a large crowd. Liam sings, plays saxophone and harmonica, Dylan sings and plays acoustic guitar.

Liam and Dylan are part of the thriving Brighton music scene.

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