Simply Red

Simply Red, a man (Mick Hucknall), a band (fronted by Mick Hucknall, with various backing musicians).

Albums worth having: Stars (1991), Simplified (2005).

Simplified is a collection of Simply Red classics re-recorded as mainly acoustic arrangements. Half is acoustic orchestral, half Caribbean Latino. It features the new song 'Perfect Love', which reached No3 in the UK charts.

Simply Red are now on their own independent label, which gives them a lot more freedom. They intend to re-record seven of their previous albums and release in 2006 through their own website.

An absolute must is the DVD Cuba!, recorded live at El Gran Teatro in Havana in Cuba, 27 August 2005.

Simply Red were invited out to Cuba to perform at el Gran Teatro de la Habana by el Instituto Cubano de la Musica. They were accompanied on stage by Cuban musicians, most notably the horn section, the string section of the national orchestra seccion de cuerdas de la Orquesta del Gran Teatro de la Habana and a dance company Danza Contemporanea de Cuba. The performance was electrifying.

El Gran Teatro de la Habana was chosen in part for its excellent acoustics, comparable with the Lyceum in London. Cuba for its Latino heritage which compliments the second half of Simplified. El Gran Teatro de la Habana has only ever before been used for opera or ballet. Havana had only once before played host to a western rock group.

An edited version of the concert in Havana was broadcast by BBC1 late one night early January 2006.

Simply Red perform with Tom Jones on Reload.

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