Zum - Gypsy Tango Inferno

Part of their Gypsy Tango Inferno 2003 tour, Zum were one of the star attractions at the Guildford International Music Festival 2003. Zum performed an eclectic fusion of Eastern European Gypsy music and tango at the Electric Theatre in Guildford, a small intimate theatre that overlooks the River Wey in Guildford, a former electric power station.

The audience were held spellbound throughout the two hour set.

first half

second half


It is unfortunate that the concert was not recorded as it would have made an excellent live double CD.

Let's hope Zum return to the Electric Theatre and record the Gypsy Tango Inferno. The acoustics are good. We can only hope they also return and make a recording of the works of the master of modern tango, Astor Piazzolla, as they have the inspiration and creativity of the master.

Of their two highly acclaimed CDs, Gypsy Tango Pasion (CMG 007) is the better. Although it is a studio recording, it has the dynamics of a live performance, such is the illusion of a live performance, that the silence at the end of each track is slightly disconcerting as applause is anticipated. The sound quality and performance are stunning.

The numbers in brackets above refer to the two CDs on which any particular composition may be found.

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