The Climate in Cyprus

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orange fruit and blossom goat on sea cliff spring flowers

Cyprus is the hottest, driest island in the Mediterranean. It enjoys more sunshine than any other Mediterranean resort - typically 340 days of sunshine a year. The rainy season is from November to March, with most of the rain falling between December and February. The spring season is mild. During April the spring flowers are at their best, by May they are starting to go over. Early May can be windy, by the middle of May the temperature is starting to shoot up. During July and August the temperature can be well above 30 degrees centigrade. Autumn extends well into November.

Inland areas can be up to 10 degrees Centigrade warmer than the coast, the mountains are usually cooler. At night the mountains can be cool, even in summer.

The sea is warm from the end of May until October.

In the summer, fair skinned North Europeans should avoid the midday sun from 1100 to 1500. Needless to say few heed this eminently sensible advice!

Coastal Temperature (Centigrade)

air sea
January 16.6 16.4
February 16.0 16.9
March 18.4 17.3
April 22.8 18.6
May 27.2 21.0
June 30.5 24.0
July 33.3 26.3
August 33.6 27.7
September 30.8 26.6
October 27.3 25.1
November 22.9 21.9
December 19.2 18.9

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