Synchronicity and angels

Rumor, hearsay, folklore. Whichever way it is laid down to rest or came up for air, rumor had it that a white feather indicted the visitation of an angel. -- R J Ellory

Angels. Synchronicity. Evidence of communication across the transition zone?

Not many days after I had written an article about angels I found myself talking to a girl about a book she was reading, A Quiet Belief in Angels by R J Ellory. As the title suggests, the book was about angels. We quite naturally talked about angels.

I was reading By the River Piedra I sat Down and Wept by Paul Coelho. I also had with me a copy of The Alchemist. Both books she had read and the discussion quite naturally also encompassed Paulo Coelho and these two books.

We spoke a couple of days later, and she told me that she had been on a trip. She said she had found three white feathers, which she saw as a sign of the presence of angels. I told her Paulo Coelho saw finding a white feather as a favourable sign. [see Paulo Coelho]

angels received by e-mail The next day I checked my e-mail, to find I had received a picture of angels!

I saw her again, and told her what I had received. I asked what did she think of the chances of meeting someone who not only had read Paulo Coelho, but had read these two books. She thought pretty low.

I then told her that the day we had first spoken to each other, I had met two people earlier that day, and one person the previous day (whose name was Santiago, as with our hero in The Alchemist)!

I then gave her a couple examples of synchronicity that I had experienced involving Paulo Coelho. [see Synchronicity and Paulo Coelho]

I mention my artist friend Dasha Balashova and her beautiful paintings of angels and Colombian artist Angel Luna who I had the good fortune to meet on the streets of Brighton. Synchronicity once again occurs, when I realise the connection and that evening see a full moon rise over Brighton Pier. [see Synchronicity and Paulo Coelho]

I saw her again the following day, and gave her some sunflower seeds from my garden. She was moved to tears and said how kind of me. She then explained that sunflowers were the favourite flowers of her sister who had recently died. [see Seedy Sunday Brighton 2008]

The next day I was walking along a beach. I got talking to a couple of girls. I learnt they were from Zaragoza. Zaragoza is where Pilar lives, the main character in By the River Piedra I sat Down and Wept. One of the girls told me how she liked Paulo Coelho. She had not read any of his books, but enjoyed reading his column serialised in a Spanish newspaper and told me he was very popular in Spain. It was her birthday the following day, so I suggested as a birthday treat, she read one of his books.

The following day I half fell asleep in front of a TV screen. I opened my eyes, and there, staring at me from the screen, were statues of weeping angels!

A day later, a week on from my original conversation, I picked up a copy of A Quiet Belief in Angels by R J Ellory and settled down that evening to read what turns out to be a beautifully written and very powerful novel, shortlisted for the British Book Awards 2008. [see BCID 5943940]

Author of A Quiet Belief in Angels R J Ellory and the girl I was talking to who was reading his novel, both hail from Birmingham in England!

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